Project of supporting displaced persons in Lviv.

In May 2022, we started a new project to support refugees / displaced persons in Lviv.

The project consists in reimbursing the purchase of medicines for the elderly, the lonely and the disabled who were forced to flee the eastern part of Ukraine. These people, while in Western Ukraine, depend almost entirely on humanitarian aid.

Our Lviv project is a well-thought-out help that we implement in cooperation with local aid organizations and with Ukrainian pharmacists.

The project consists of the following steps:

  • In cooperation with the local Caritas branch (Caritas Lviv), we identify people in the refugee / displaced community who need our help immediately. These are mainly people from the so-called vulnerable group, i.e. people most affected by the crisis. In this case, they are mainly the elderly, sick, taking medications on a permanent basis, but unable to afford them under the current conditions,
  • Among this group of people, after a short interview, we distribute vouchers (coupons) for medicines. Vouchers are for a specific amount, agreed with local pharmacists (this amount allows to cover the purchase of basic drugs taken by beneficiaries),
  • Vouchers are redeemed by beneficiaries at a local pharmacy. In addition, the beneficiaries receive professional advice on their health and medications from the pharmacists cooperating with us,
  • then refunds the medications dispensed to the pharmacy, buying vouchers from it. Therefore, this project supports not only the beneficiaries directly by providing them with access to medicines, but also the Ukrainian economy affected by the war and local pharmacists.

The project is funded by a fundraiser run by and thanks to the financial support of Damovo