About us

About Farmaceuci.org 

Farmaceuci.org (pharmacists in Polish) is a humanitarian organization created by Polish pharmacists aiming to improve access to healthcare and improve living conditions among all people and communities who need such support, without any discrimination on the basis of race, origin, religion or gender.

Our vision

Access to healthcare for all people who need it.

Our mission

Improving access to medications and improving the quality of life among communities in need of support in Poland and around the world.

Why pharmacists?

Pharmacists are highly educated medical professionals with constant and direct contact with their communities around the world.

These professionals are often the first point of contact with the healthcare system for the people in need. Their education, commitment, but also availability make pharmacists perfectly aware of the needs of their communities and extremely sensitive to human suffering.

That is why at the Farmaceuci.org foundation, in cooperation with experts in the field of humanitarian aid, we use the global network of pharmacy professionals to effectively and professionally plan and provide help to those in need.