– supporting womens’ health worldwide

Despite advancements in gender equality, women's health still faces inequalities and discrimination in many cases, especially in less privileged regions across our globe.

In numerous places, women continue to have limited access to healthcare, health education, medications, and hygiene products. When compounded by factors like poverty, experiences of violence, or reduced access to education, the situation often appears tragically dire.

We must also bear in mind that women's health directly impacts the well-being of their families, communities, and future generations. Traditionally, women play the role of caregivers and health educators for their loved ones, and the inability to care for their own health often translates into an inability to care for their family's health as well. Healthy women and girls also have a greater chance of breaking the cycle of poverty through education and educating their own children.

At the Pharmacist Foundation (Fundacja, we are convinced that by supporting girls and women in accessing proper healthcare and sanitary conditions, we are not only advocating for their health and rights but also contributing to the health and development of entire societies.

We believe that this is not solely a matter of social justice but also holds immense significance for the social, economic, and health development of impoverished regions. Improving women's access to healthcare and hygiene conditions contributes to reducing gender inequalities, combating poverty, improving the health of future generations, and preventing infectious diseases. Therefore, it is an essential step towards building a more just, healthier, and sustainable society worldwide.