Improvement of access to medicines in areas affected by military operations …

In May 2022, we started a project in the Chernihiv Oblast, in areas covered by military operations in February 2024 as a result of Russian aggression. We are implementing this project in cooperation with the Ukrainian Chamber of Pharmacists.

The project consisted in supplying the population of 7,500 people from the Ivanevsk commune of Chernihiv Oblast with a two-month supply of necessary medicines.

After consultations with local partners (including the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Chamber and local authorities and medics), we decided to implement the project in the Iwaniewska commune in the Chernihiv Oblast, where the health center (in which the only pharmacy in the commune operated) was destroyed and plundered by the Russian army. The drugs were stolen and the only ambulance was destroyed.

The aim of the project was to re-supply the medical center with a two-month supply of drugs for all residents of the commune. 

Local doctors compiled a list of necessary medications prescribed and dispensed monthly to the inhabitants of the commune. bought and delivered to the health center a two-month supply of necessary drugs on the basis of these lists. Subsequently, these preparations were distributed to patients. 

Due to the lack of electricity in the center and the lack of the possibility of longer storage of insulins, we provided only a monthly supply of these drugs, which was immediately distributed to patients suffering from diabetes.

All drugs were purchased in Ukraine for specific patients, which is important for several reasons: 

  • they will be exactly the drugs that residents have taken so far, 
  • there is no loss of funds for unwanted or improper  donations or for international logistics,
  •  the spending of funds has been maximized and, additionally, 
  • the project will support the local economy suffering as a result of the war.

We implement the project in cooperation with the Ukrainian Supreme Pharmaceutical Chamber with the direct involvement of the president of this institution, Mr. Oleg Klimov.