Assisting elderly refugees in Lviv

In May 2022, launched two more projects in Ukraine.

The first project consists in reimbursement of drugs for displaced persons in a difficult financial and health situation residing in Lviv (reimbursement system based on vouchers). The project is carried out with the participation of local pharmacists and in partnership with Caritas Lviv. The second project aims to supply medications to civilians in areas with difficult access to pharmacies as a consequence of military operations conducted in those regions (Chernihiv region). Medicines for projects are obtained locally, in Ukraine.

The project in Lviv consists in the distribution of special vouchers among refugees / displaced persons in a difficult financial situation and in need of medicines on a daily basis. The project is prepared by in cooperation with Caritas Lviv and local pharmacists.

The project's beneficiaries are the elderly and the disabled people who fled the war in Eastern Ukraine and residing in Lviv. Those people whose identification is assisted by the local Caritas receive special vouchers for which they are issued with the necessary medicines at local pharmacies. Then, reimburses the pharmacy with medicines issued on the basis of vouchers. The project is planned in several rounds, taking place from May to September 2022.

The project is carried out through a money collection conducted by and thanks to the financial support of the company Damovo.